Booking Rates
Bengali Girls
Single Shot 2 Hour # 6000 ~ 8000
Double Shot 3 Hour # 12000 ~ 15000
Full Night 3 Shot # 17000 ~ 20000
Model Escorts
Single Shot 2 Hour # 10000 ~ 12000
Double Shot 3 Hour # 20000 ~ 22000
Full Night 3 Shot # 30000 ~ 35000
Russian Escorts
Single Shot 2 Hour # 12000 ~ 15000
Double Shot 3 Hour # 24000 ~ 28000
Full Night 3 Shot # 30000 ~ 35000

Escorts in Kolkata offer Different package for mating

Destined are those who are able to meet their choice of partner and live a happy life forever. I really feel sorry for those who are still not able to find their partner. You shouldn’t be troubled at all as I am here to offer you my very sentimental, sensible and quality-based friendship that will help you enjoy life’s best moments till you find your own buddy.

Being one of the most excellent escorts in Kolkata, I would like to serve my friendship to only well-regarded people who can afford my friendship and pay my fee mentioned below, though I am not a money oriented girl but just charge to maintain my lifestyle and be a self-determining girl. Please have a look on the different packages and choose what better suits your requirements:

  • Those who are looking just to check my companionship or want to enjoy a quick yet mesmerizing mating session, I would love to offer my 1-2 hours of dating that will cost dependent as your choice Girls
  • Moreover, my Kolkata escorts services has 3-4 hours of mating services that includes 2 amazing yet pleasing sessions for which you need to pay me Rs.
  • If you have enough time to spend an entire night with me and explore my mating services in a better way, this package that is known as ‘whole night package’ (WNP) can bring you with very delighted and gratifying experience for you. It will cost you Rs.

I don’t want to create any confusion or hide anything from you as the fee you need to pay me should be paid immediately after we meet so that we can initiate the process of love without any formalities because I don’t like anything hindering or disturbing on between my clients’s pleasure and fun. Being one of the responsible and reliable independent Kolkata Escorts, I don’t want to create any chaos.

Also, it would be nice if you pay me the entire amount in cash as it requires no documentation. Please pay the fee in cash only. If you have dollar, I accept them as well as I can offer my friendship to those honored people who are foreigners or NRIs. Choose package of your kind and contact my manager on the given number to fix the deal. I am curiously waiting for you to cater your mating needs. Remember, I am always yours!